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Answering the challenges the world is facing today, and taking advantage of the Digital Skills developed by our students by learning in a remote learning environment due to the Covid 19 pandemic; we decided to extend our school’s walls beyond frontiers opening our doors to  the acquisition of knowledge by the exchange of ideas with children from around the world. Next school year we’re happy to launch HighNETworking. We’ve created a learning network between students and teachers from different parts of the world with intercultural projects for teaching and learning. We partnered with schools from Italy, Spain, Chile and Ecuador. Each team member will bring their own reality and their culture, sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences to give solutions to the problems and challenges we face today.

Image by Nick Fewings

Next school year we'll be integrating the Common Sense K12 curriculum to help systematize Digital Citizenship helping students take ownership of their digital lives. 

By the end of 2021 all of our academic staff will be certified as Common Sense Educators. 

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Everyone Can Code


Next school year we’ll be starting our Everyone Can Code  Workshops for our students to develop their computational thinking skills as they learn to create everything they can imagine.

Teacher Training


Academic Staff Training

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