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Ana Paty Yunes


Apple Teacher.  Teaching with her iPad allowed her to reach each student in spite the distance. She was able to create different tasks and documents to reinforce concepts and knowledge with her 4 year old students. 

Alejandra Álvarez


Apple Teacher. She encourages students to build knowledge as they develop creativity. 

She taught students to read and write using collaborative documents. 

Mercedes Osorio


Apple Teacher. She enjoys to create Genially experiences to engage students in learning. 

She challenges her 4 year old students to express themselves in drawings. 

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Ana María Campero


Apple Teacher. She created a range of projects and learning experiences allowing her students to work collaboratively as they solved tasks, challenges and assignments. She took advantage of collaborative features to track her students learning achievements. 

Georgina Medina

High School

Apple Teacher. Evaluating by using the benefits of technology allow students to demonstrate their own learning in creative and innovative ways, as a teacher it is a huge satisfaction to know students are capable of creating incredible things while applying what they have learned.

Héctor Machuca

Middle School

Apple Teacher. Using technology among the learning process, students become true protagonists of learning and are capable of facing challenges and solving real problems. He has challenged his students to learn through creative projects. 

Apple Teacher. She enjoys to design learning projects where students decide how to demonstrate their knowledge and experiences.  She engages her students by encouraging creativity. 

Arantxa Godínez

Elementary School

Kira Rubio

Elementary School

Apple Teacher. Kira is grateful of her teaching with technology experience as she was prepared to face the challenges remote learning brought to her professional career. 

Ana Pau Adell

Elementary School

Apple Teacher. Ana Pau has attended ISTE conference with her Prefirst students two times giving them the time to share their knowledge and learning process with an international audience of educators. 

Isabel de Haas

Middle & High School

Learning and teaching by the advantages of technology really makes personalization of learning possible. Students have the possibility to create their own learning and demonstrate it in a huge variety of  ways.

Ángel Zárate

High School

Nowadays, our world demands our students to use technology not only as a consumption instrument, but also as a tool to foster creativity and to facilitate problem solving in an innovative way. 
As teachers, we are committed to guiding them in this digital age in order to ensure they develop the necessary skills to be good citizens.

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