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Sharing Success

Giving the fact that our students, faculty and staff are better prepared to face international standards and audiences, we are happy to share that since 2016 we've participated in 24 Student Poster Sessions at ISTE Conference, and 3 Playground sessions hosted by faculty staff and teachers. This school year (2020-2021) 50 students from Preschool to High School represented our school at ISTE Conference 21, being the 20% of the total Student Presenters.

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Click on the Apple Podcasts App to learn about our experience at ISTE 21. 

Our Second Grade students at ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia where they had the chance to share who they used Design Thinking and Technology to enhance educational opportunities. 


Our Innovation and Technology Specialists hosted  a session at ISTE20Live. They created a Workshop teaching how to create literacy resources using Pages. 


Regina, who is part of our Innovation and Technology team was recognized as a Featured Voice at ISTE21


Sharing Best Practices

We are happy to share that our Innovation and Technology specialists got accepted to host a session at ISTE's Creative Constructor Lab that will ve held in October 2021. 
They will speak about how to create engaging AR experiences using Reality Composer. 

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Empowering Staff

Committed to continuous improvement we encourage faculty and staff to share knowledge with educators from around the world. 

Our Innovation and Technology Specialist hosting a session in collaboration with Learning Design Center for Principals and Teachers. 

Global Community

We encourage our innovation and technology staff to participate in AppleEduChat to share their knowledge with a global community and learn from their peers new strategies and ideas. 

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