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Measuring Success

This school year our innovation and technology team has developed a survey based on the OCDE'S indicators of Innovation in Education to measure our level of innovation inside the classroom. It is answered 3 times a year by teachers. We analyze the results to realign to our vision. 

Click here to review our survey. 

We thrive to continue improving with our measuring system to recover useful data that allow us to continue growing. 


We also analyze our innovation rate with Apple Learning Technologies Survey. Our faculty and staff is asked to answer this survey once a year to measure their teaching with technology perception, the Elements of Learning frequency in their classes, and the frequency and variety of student products among other indicators.


March, 2019

October, 2020

July, 2021

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LTS 2019-2020-2021.002.jpeg

In 2019, 84% felt prepared to teach with technology.

In 2020, 93% felt prepared to teach with technology.

In 2021, 98% felt prepared to teach with technology.

Without even knowing, 84% of our teaching staff was ready to face the remote learning challenge one year before the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Months later, 93% of our teachers felt prepared and safe to teach in a remote scheme. Today 98% of our teachers feel motivated to continue learning as technology is useful and resourceful to succeed in their daily practice.

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Untitled 3.001.jpeg

March, 2019

October, 2020

July, 2021

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We've found out that Teamwork (even during Remote Learning) and Critical Thinking are part of our culture as students learn with Active Methodologies such as Visible Thinking and Cooperative Work integrated with the use of technology. 

In one year we were able to increase the frequency of Real World Engagement and Communication and Creation as we integrated Project Based Learning to our teaching Professional Development goals. 

March, 2019

October, 2020

July, 2021

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LTS 2019-2020-2021.003.jpeg

We've found out that our teacher perception of technology didn't change significaly due to the COVID-19 Pandemic as they had already taught using technology for several years. 

We will continue analyzing our teacher's results periodically  to update our data and realign to our vision.


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